Motorcycle Safety

Yesterday we had our monthly Mountain Shadow Riders (MSR) meeting. I was assigned to do this month’s Motorcycle Safety Tip, which I did on riding alone. I was so nervous… getting up and speaking in front of a group isn’t my kind of thing. I was probably even more nervous since I’m still a newbie to MRS.

One of our members passed around a magazine article about Brittany Morrow (above photo) who nearly died from her extreme road rash injuries. She is an amazing survivor who has returned to riding. You can check out Brittany’s testimony at Extreme Road Rash: Cause Effect and Lesson Learned. If you’re squeamish… the pictures of her injuries are pretty graphic.

Also, if you ride a sport bike or know someone who rides a sport bike… you have to read about this DJ in Denver. He has actually been suggesting that people take violent action against anyone they see riding a sport bike. The Colorado Sportbike Club has an open call for a BOYCOTT of Alice 105.9 Radio and their Advertisers. You can read more about it and find out about their advertisers here: NO Alice 105.9 Send a Clear Message.

After my MSR meeting I met up with Bryan and Austin for a bike ride. We took Hwy 83 to Franktown, Hwy 86 to Castle Rock… made a stop at Harley Davidson in Castle Rock, then 105 to Palmer Lake and back to Hwy 83. Basically it was a big loop! Colorado scenery is so beautiful and the weather was perfect for riding. I wish I would have brought my camera along to take some pictures. If I did bring my camera I probably would have toted along the big backpack case to store it in… ugh I really need bags! When we made it home about 4 pm, I was exhausted. I just need to get out and ride more! Thanks for reading and remember… Ride Safe.


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