Filling Up... ugh!

I took my bike in Tuesday for the 5,000 mile service and although it was huge expense I was really impressed with the fantastic customer service from Colorado Springs Harley-Davidson. I can’t believe how much of an improvement my ride is now with some of the adjustment they made. They even fixed my rattle… my jiffy stand was missing the rubber bumper and of course the rattling was enough to really bother me.

Today I went for a bike ride and I drove east of Colorado Springs. Since HD made some adjustments I wanted to get familiar with some of the changes before I rode in high traffic areas. They adjusted my throttle, it’s not as tight as it was before. Now I barely have to roll and it and off it goes. They also moved my gear shifter up bit, I actually have to lift my foot to downshift!

It was a little breezy and it was a great ride… until I stopped for gas. While I was pumping I pulled the nozzle out a little bit and squeezed gently just to make sure my tank was completely filled… ugh, it splashed back and went everywhere, onto my seat, the tank, the instrument, my tank bag, my grips…everywhere! I tried to wipe up what I could using napkins, but I smelled gas the entire way home. As soon as I got home I had to throw my jeans, tank bag, and gloves in the washer. Hopefully the smell will come out and my gloves and tank bag wouldn’t get ruined. I called Bryan at work to complain... he kind laughed and said it wasn’t the pumps fault it was the operators… ugh!

This is one of the pictures that I took on my ride today. It’s a view of Pikes Peak, taken from Curtis Rd. One day soon there'll be snow covering the top! Thanks for reading.


  1. wow~ gorgeous! My DH and I wanted to move to the Springs years ago...I can just imagine what it's like riding through there! We used to ride, it's been too long since we have & I miss it (insert sad face) you are so brave! I don't think I would ever ride my own bike! I'm enjoying reading your adventures & seeing all the great pics! Be safe

  2. Pikes Peak is Gorgeous! anytime of the year.

    I remember when my sister use to live in CS, You could see Pikes Peak from her living room and the two upper Bedroom Window's.

    I love reading about all the places you have been riding around to..It brings back good memories.

    Have fun and watch that nasty gas nozzel.

  3. That's a beautiful photo. I've never been to Colorado but it looks like a perfect place to put some miles on the bike. Have fun!


  4. You are the envy of my husband. He love Colorado. We were out in your area about two years ago and visited Pikes Peak. It is amazing. Stay safe on your bike.

  5. Love this pic of Pikes Peak!! We can see it on a clear day from Denver. My DH does The Pikes Peak Ascent every other year, so I get to see the top of it in Aug. with snow on it. Thanks so much for all the nice comments over at my blog!!

    Happy Stampin'

  6. Hi Jivi, thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Yeah, been there done that- trying to top off the tank and spilling gas all over! Just wash the bike with BikeBrite or S100 and its'll be like new! The smell of gas should be gone from the leathers in time.,

  7. What a beautiful view. There is nothing like the wind in your hair as you ride and see Nature's beauty. I am really impressed with how much riding you have been doing.

  8. We visited Colorda last month and wow, it was beautiful. We didn't drive up Pikes Peak but we did check out the Valley of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls, etc. Colorado is beautiful and would love to visit Telluride again one day!!

    I loved Colorado Springs. . .I would move there. It's a great city.


  9. We've all had the gas pump problem with spillage:)
    The view is beautiful where you come from, so, if you ride with the smell of gas... it can't be that bad.) I once did the same thing you did and still had to ride on.... I stayed away from everyone who was smoking cause I thought I was going to blow up! Yikes! Funny though.
    I like the pics!

  10. What awesome pictures, cute cards, and fun adventures! I can't wait until you update your blog each time with a new story from your "rides". I LOVE the pic taken in the mirror of your HD. Awesome.

    Mary (toao)