Girly Flames

Bryan and I went riding yesterday. We rode out east (of Colorado Springs) and then we made our way downtown. That was pretty exciting for me, I’ve never been west of Powers. Our ride didn’t last as long as we would have liked (only about 3 hours), storm clouds moved in earlier than were expected. Bryan went riding again later in the afternoon packed with his rain gear… not me, if it looks like rain I stay home!

We’ll soon have another Harley Davidson parked in our garage. Bryan is going to buy a new 08 Harley Davidson (HD), the hardest part is to decide which to get. So far he’s narrowed it down to either a Heritage Classic or a Road King… although that may change since he just showed me a different Harley bike he would like to have. He actually rented both of them from HD for the day. He wanted to get it out on the road and really ride it, instead of doing a scheduled test drive through HD. He already has a buyer for his Kawasaki Vulcan. My brother-in-law wants it and maybe my sister will decide that she would like to learn to ride also.

On my last couple of rides the rubber grip thingy on my peg kept rotating. After my rides I would have to rotate it back to its original position…ugh it was driving me nuts! When I was at HD I asked about replacing it, I was ready to order a new rubber replacement… until Riley said “mom, look at these pegs, they have a floral design”, the design was actually flames! The parts guy said they don’t sell many of them because the men think the rubber looks like flowers and not flames. Riley and I laughed because we knew they were perfect for me. Now I’m going to get flame (girly flames) replacement pegs for my highway pegs, passenger pegs and get this… for my shift peg. Yup, they actually have one to match the shift peg!

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. We girlzz like the girly flames! Thanks for reading... like your blog too... its refreshing!

  2. I love the girly flames. It sounds like you are just tearing up the roads

  3. I just love the changes to your blog.
    The colors and layout.Wendy

  4. Thanks for adding me. One of my favorite things are flames and skulls. I wear a flame belt that everyone comments on. Sounds like you're having fun riding, keep it up. Don't worry about a little rain. It's actually fun to get caught in if there isn't lightening with it. I'll keep reading and will add you to my chick blogs.