130 Miles Today

Do you believe it… I put 130 miles on my bike today! That is one huge accomplishment for me and I did it alone! The weather was perfect and I was looking forward to it all weekend. I didn’t get to ride yesterday because I spent the day helping Bryan stain our fence and deck.

This morning I left the house not knowing where I was going… part of the excitement of riding. Since it was pretty warm out I headed into the mountains, my first mountain ride. I took Hwy 24 to Woodland Park and then Hwy 67 to Deckers, the ride to Deckers was filled with downhill curves. When I stopped in Deckers for a cup of coffee I was uneasy about pulling into the parking lot… it was gravel. I’ve never drove on gravel before and I’ve been hearing all these terrible things about it. Ugh… then I had to pick a spot to park. Parking… what does she mean by parking? My bike is over 600 lbs and I’m now mindful of scanning the parking lots for a spot that I can use my clutch to get out. After all I didn’t have Bryan with me to push me out… yup that’s happened before.

While in Deckers I met a couple of riders, we chatted about our bikes and directions, and then snapped a couple of pictures. After leaving Deckers I was headed to Hwy 285… then I saw it! A storm cloud that was building over the mountains… I made a u-turn and headed back to Woodland Park. The Denver Broncos game was actually delayed for 25 minutes because of lightening… good thing I didn’t drive into that!

I took my camera along with me… not my Rebel XTi. I still haven’t found a way to transport that safely on my bike without saddle bags. It’s really big and bulky, especially when I have the big lens on it. I took along my Kodak Easy Share, it still takes pretty good pictures, and it fits great in my little tank bag. Here are a few pictures that I took.

The first photo is South Platte River that runs along Hwy 67… it’s an absolutely stunning. Along Hwy 67 you also see some of the Hayman burned area (which I didn’t get a picture of). The Hayman fire happened in 2002 and is the largest fire in Colorado’s history with a total of 137,760 acres burned. The last two photos are of Deckers Coffee Ice Cream shop and a picture of the storm that was building.

It was a great ride… I’m already looking forward to doing it again and actually making it to Denver. Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. You go girl! Beautiful photos!

  2. wow, sounds amazing, I love seeing your pictures too, what an awesome feeling you must have had!

  3. Thanks for the pictures of Colorado I miss it very much I am trying to move back in 2 yrs. nothing like home!

  4. I know where that coffee shop is!! We go by there when we head down toward Woodland Park and then over past Divide to Lake George to go camping. :)

    That's SO great that you got out there on your own for a ride. Up until the lightening storm, it was a great day for it. You were probably not far from where my husband was fly fishing on Sunday. I'm not certain where he was (since I was home stamping) but I know he headed toward Deckers and did some hiking in to the river.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day! Great pics too!! :0)

  6. WhooHoo You go girl. Beautiful pictures you took too