Oil Change

I changed the oil in my bike! Bryan talked me through it and helped here and there, but basically I did it all! I was pretty happy with myself and I didn’t get too messy. I was really looking forward to taking a Basic Motorcycle Maintenance course last weekend that was going to be held in Denver, because of scheduling (Bryan’s birthday & our anniversary) that didn’t work out. I’m going to turn my bike into HD for the 5,000 mile service when I get a couple hundred more miles on it (that shouldn’t take too long). I’m just not looking forward to the $350+ cost involved with that! I can only image how many stamps I could buy with $350. I’m seriously considering purchasing a motorcycle lift for our garage. That would make oil changes much easier for our motorcycles. Bryan had to raise my bike up onto boards in order to get the oil pan underneath the bike.

Here’s my great oil change tip: Use dog training pads under your bike instead of newspapers, paper towels or rags! You can pick up oil pads in any automotive aisle, but you only get a few in a pack. With the dog training pads you get more for less. When we brought Jake home I picked up some training pads… turned out we never needed them because Jake was the easiest dog to potty train. I had a new pack of pads in the garage ready to give to away… and then a light bulb when on, use them under the bike to catch any oil that drips or spills.


  1. Well, Karen took the words right out of my mouth! You are one rockin' gal Jovi!

  2. woohoo you go Jovi!!!
    You are doing awesome on that bike!

  3. What I can say about HD's is this....Always bring them in for thier scheduled service. They know all the right places to go, things to tighten and stuff to touch. Harleys know how to rattle thier bolts loose like no other bike.

    Enjoy the ride!