My day of motorcycle firsts…

Yesterday I went on my first ride, without Bryan!

After Jake and I walked Riley and Austin to school, the weather was perfect. It was a beautiful morning, no clouds to be seen and I knew I wanted to go riding before it heated up.

I stated off going around my neighborhood and near the school. I stopped by my sister’s house for a little bit, I had to show off my clean spotless bike. I spent the night before in the garage washing it and then shining all the chrome (boy, it has a lot of chrome). I’m still trying to talk my sister into getting a bike (no luck yet). I did get her to sit on a really sweet Victory over at Rocky Mountain Plaza Cycle . Maybe one day!

Bryan took me riding awhile back on this really nice country road that lead into Hwy 24. I wanted to find that road. I thought I found it, until I saw a sign that read “End of Pavement”… I made sure to make a u-turn before I went that way. I went back to Meridian, down to Woodmen (high traffic area) and then east on Hwy 24. I took Hwy 24 all the way out to Peyton and then turned around. It was a great ride! In some areas on Hwy 24 the speed goes up to 65… my first time going that fast. I felt really comfortable going that speed, until a truck passed by me and some small rocks flew up and hit my legs… ouch!

I probably would have kept driving onto Limon if I had enough gas. On my way home I stopped at the gas station and filled up… yup, the same gas station that had my stomach in knots last week when I was there with Bryan. I put gas in my bike for the first time. I also did the motorcycle wave… the first time I waved, I put my arm out to far and the wind caught it (it was pretty funny)! Yesterday was my day of motorcycle firsts… I just had to share my excitement.

Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. wow, that is so great to hear and read. It must have felt soo good to be out riding!

  2. You are one brave woman, Jovi. I'm so happy to hear you are having so much fun with your motorcycle.

  3. I can read the fun you must have by your first ride without someone on your side . In the next time your trips will be longer and longer and longer, I think so :=)

  4. Coming back a 2nd time to tell you I nominated you for the "Nice" award on my blog.

  5. Yaaay! GO JOVI GO JOVI! I was hoping there would be a new motorcycle post. Sounds like you had a really fun time.

    Mary (toao)

  6. Aweome. I have a Sportser 1200 myself, I need it lowered tho :}
    Haven't been on in 2 1/2 years due to various back surgeries.

    Good for you! Perhaps this will motivate me. I did hop on the back of my hubbies Road King last Thursaday for the first time in 2 years. What a great night out without much pain.. If my hands get fixed it's a priority to get back on the bike :}
    Love your art as well
    Harley hugs K

  7. Way to go! It's such a treat to read your posts about your riding experience. Thanks for sharing.