New Gear

I didn’t make it out of the school parking lot this last weekend. Bryan suggested that I ride my bike there and he’ll follow… I didn’t feel comfortable driving outside the parking lot (my safety zone)!

I spent a couple hours Saturday morning working on turns and rolling stops… I’m not sure of the exact name for that. Basically you slow down to an almost stop, not putting your feet down and balancing, and then you go again by letting out the clutch easy and using the throttle. The first couple times I tired this I let my clutch out too fast and the bike jerked… then I caught on.

I’m doing so much better at turning, I’m not swing wide anymore and I’m making tighter turns. I also worked on weaving, which was fun… especially now that I’m feeling more comfortable with my bike and how it handles.

Now that I’m doing so great with turns, I worked on circles (Monday) and that was scary! I tried to keep my eyes’ off the curb, but my mind knew there was a curb near by. During one of my circles I had to put my foot down in one turn, the bike felt like it was going to drop. Bryan suggested that I push down on the handlebars instead of actually turning to turn them. That made it so much easier. I’m glad I have Bryan teaching me, he’s been really patience with me. One day we’ll be moving on to figure-eights!

My HD Havoc boots finally came in (Tuesday), don't they look tough? I went to the Harley Davidson store to pick them up, wore them around the house for a bit. I hate them! Don’t get me wrong, they’re really nice boots. I just think their a bit bulkier than what I’m use to. The sole sticks out a tiny bit and when I ride my foot kept getting caught under the shifter whenever I would shift. Bryan said since I’m not use to wearing riding boots and I should give it time…once I get them broken in and use to shifting with them I’d love them. I don’t see that! This lesson was just practice shifting and braking with my new boots.


  1. I agree with you that the riding boots are a bit awkward but you do get use to them like brian said. I love the way yours look. Mine are kind of old but I have 2 pairs of them and I guess they must be broken in because they don't bother me anymore. When I first started riding I learned where you look is where you end up(I was always looking at the ground) so don't keep looking at the

  2. hehe, I love reading about this adventure Jovi, so please keep us updated! Love your boots, they look sooo!

  3. I'm so excited for you and your progress! I've always wanted to ride but pretty much am resolved it's not happening. DH does not support it and after hearing your stories - there is NO ONE who would devote the time it would take for me to learn! Keep up the excellent work - you're riding for me too!

  4. C'mon now, we want to see the leather PANTS! haha Sounds like you're getting along pretty good with your riding/driving lessons. Hang in there!

    Mary (toao)

  5. Cool boots. Riding boots are much like work boots. until you break them in they can be a pain in the butt.

    Just remember when they get broken in you'll love them even more.

    Also you've been tagged...Check out my blog for more information.

    Have fun!