Blossoming Friendship

I ordered this stamp (Blossoming Friendship) a while back from HM Stamps and I’m barely using it now! I’m turning into a stamp slacker. Way back when, when a new stamp arrived at my house I had a card made with it by the end of the night. Now it takes me forever to use them. Speaking of House Mouse… I had to share before July is over… what a great honor to have Dick from HM Stamps picked one of my cards for his Card of the Month. He has his monthly picks displayed on his site, you can check them out here “HMStamps Card of the Month”.

I made this thank you card for my sister. A couple weeks ago was my birthday and she gave me a gift card to JoAnn’s (she knows me well). I also received a beautiful Harley Davidson leather jacket from Bryan and the kiddos (I had my eye on that jacket for a while). Back to stamping… Since my sister loves kitties I knew she would enjoy this card. I used Diamond Stickles on all the blossoms and the finished card size is 5 ½ x 5 ½.

Bryan and I went riding last week and this weekend just around the neighbor hood. On one of our rides Bryan took me out east (Judge Orr Rd, Peyton Hwy & Falcon Hwy) I got my bike up to 55 mph and that was an exciting experience. It was the first time that I’ve ever been out of 3rd gear! Then we went on one of the busiest roads near us (Hwy 24 & Woodmen)… I was so nervous, when I was turning onto Hwy 24 there was a slight incline and bike kept wanting to roll back… duh I wasn’t in first, it was in neutral… imagine my embarrassment! When we made it home my cheeks were tingling from them flappin in the wind. I wore a helmet, but that day I wore a half helmet instead of my full face one.

This evening I followed Bryan over to the gas station. I’ve never been around so many moving cars in such a small area on my bike… my stomach was in knots. Once again we went riding though the neighborhood. At one time Bryan and I got separated, he turned I went straight. Apparently we both waited for each other at stop signs… LOL. After waiting for a bit I drove on and came home. A short time later Bryan was calling me wondering where I was at! I’m sure it’s really boring for Bryan to ride with me through the neighborhood. I’m thankful that he does, at least until I get more confident in my driving. I’m so proud of myself… this evening I actually parked my bike in the garage all by myself. Usually I leave it parked in the street at the end of the driveway and then Bryan pulls it in for me. Maybe it was a good thing that Bryan and I got separated or my bike would have been sitting in the street when he came home!

I received some new stamps in the mail yesterday, I have them mounted and ready to go… shhh I can’t share just yet what those stamps are, but soon (wink)! I better get creating!

Stamps: Blossoming Friendship (House Mouse/Stampabilities) ~ Ink: Noir (Palette), Dutch Blue (CTMH) ~ Paper: Romance & Smoky (both Bazzill), White ~ Other: Stormy Brads (Bazzill), Light Pink Grosgrain (SU), Sheer Pink Polka Dot Ribbon (Michael’s), Diamond Stickles, Waterbrush, Prismacolor Pencils & Gamsol

I guess I’m Rockin’

Now some fun stuff to share… Britta tagged me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. I don’t know if I would consider myself Rockin’, especially since I’ve been a horrible blogger lately. Thanks Britta. Check out my “Blogs I Read” for my pick of Rockin’ Babes and leave them a comment.

I found this really fun blog rating from Dina’s Blog (Mama Dini’s Stamperia) and thought it would be amusing to see what my blog was rated. So here it is… even though I mention “Dick” (my House Mouse supplier) I still received a G Rating… lol

It's great to be home!

It’s great to be home! We took a trip to see my grandma in New Mexico. My mom and sister came along as well. My grandma Senorina will be 94 next month and it was great to see her again. It’s always heartbreaking when we leave her and even more when she comes to the door and says a prayer as we’re leaving.

My grandmas house (an old adobe) is the same house that my grandpa grew up in as a child. My uncle remodeled it and added modern features (indoor plumbing & electricity) when my grandma moved from Cheyenne back in 1988. The house sits on a huge ranch and it’s absolutely beautiful. Bryan and I always considered building a house there, but I just can’t see myself living there without my grandma.

Here are some of the pictures I took while I was there. The first one is my grandma wearing a shawl that belonged to her grandmother (which she gave to my mom on this trip). I also took some really amazing photos of my grandma’s hands while she was praying the rosary (still have to edit). Every night before bed my grandma prayers the rosary. I remember as a child when I stayed the night with her we would pray the rosary in Spanish and then the next morning we could go to Spanish mass (visiting with grandma always gives me a chance to catch on my Spanish).

The next couple of photos are views from my grandma’s porch and the old outhouse (updated while my uncle was remodeling). While taking a walk with my brother to an old cabin that sits on the ranch further up into the mountain I found some pretty wildflowers and of course I had to take shots of those.

“M” Endorsement & More Big News

Its official I now have an “M” endorsement on my license (I went to DMV this morning)! I spent this last weekend taking my Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course and I passed the riding skills evaluation and the test covering course material.

The first night of class we all introduced ourselves (my class had 6 females and 6 males) and then teamed up into groups to work on questions from our course book. Saturday morning it was time meet on the range early in the morning with our RiderCoachs (Brian & James) and the motorcycles we would be using. We used little Honda 250’s, very small compared to my Harley that has a 1450. My bike was the only one that read “Rebel” across the tank and by the second day of class some of the guys joked about that. All day Saturday I had a terrible time getting my bike into second gear… it was so hard to shift I didn’t think I was doing good at all. I was really disappointed that evening and I was extremely exhausted, we had spent about 5 ½ to 6 hours driving and/or waiting on our motorcycles in close to 90 degree heat (Sunday it was actually 92). We had to make sure to keep ourselves hydrated. Saturday we had one lady drop from the course, she said it was too difficult for her.

We met again Sunday morning on the range and worked on more maneuvers. I was so nervous the entire morning that I could even eat breakfast, lunch or snacks. Our RiderCoaches were very supportive and encouraging the entire time. After lunch we came back to the range and practiced some of the things that we were going to be tested on… braking, swerving, cornering, and limited space maneuvering (the infamous figure-eight). It was time to test and I was so worried because the first thing up was the figure eight… ugh. I totally sucked at that, I had to put my foot down twice and I went outside the boundaries! I knew I had to pull myself together and think of all the things that Bryan helped me with in the school parking lot… once I relaxed I got perfect scores on braking, swerving, and cornering! We had three classmates that didn’t pass the riding skills test.

After my test James told me that I was coming so fast in second gear he thought I was going to fly over the gas tank when I did brake, but I was able to handle the bike with no problem… he said he was proud of me. Brian my other RiderCoach said he should have put pressure on me the entire time during class because I was really struggling the first day on the range and then once he put pressure on me I preformed remarkably… I blame that on my bike not wanting to cooperate! Even though the class was physically and mentally draining I learned a lot and I really enjoyed it. My Bryan was so excited for me when I came home… he now has a riding partner!

More BIG news: I was asked last week to do some design work for Inky Antics (toot-toot). The cards that I made will be used at CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) for a display to showcase a new line of stamps that Inky Antics will carry. For those of you that don’t know what CHA is… it’s a huge craft trade show that is geared to retailers, instructors and others that are active in the craft industry. CHA has a Winter and Summer show, and the this year’s Summer show is in Chicago, July 20-22. Sorry I can’t share any of the cards I made until after CHA… but the new line is wonderful!

Okay so I couldn’t end this forever long post without sharing a card. I made this “Peek a Boo” for one of my blog readers, I hope she liked it! I used one of SCS Sketch Challenges for the layout, SC126. SCS Challenge Forums is a great place to visit for inspiration. For this card I used the stamp Peek a Boo! from Penny Black. For those of you that enjoy Penny Black Stamps, you need to check out HM Stamps. Dick has started adding Penny Black to his inventory and I received my first order of Penny Black stamps from him today! All the cardstock and patterned paper is from the Let’s Get Together paper pack from CTMH.

Thanks for reading and letting me share my excitement with you. I’m off for some much needed sleep! Jovi

Stamps: Peek a Boo! (Penny Black) ~ Ink: Noir ~ Paper: White, Garden Green, Cranberry, Lets Get Together Paper Pack (all from CTMH) ~ Other: Buttercup Spiral Clip (CTMH), White Grosgrain (SU), Stardust Gelly Pen (Sakura), Sandpaper, Prismacolor Pencils & Gamsol, Pop Dots

Ugh... disappointed and mad at myself!

Ugh the worst thing happened this weekend… I dropped my bike!

I was doing circles and for some reason started going straight out of the circle and almost into the curb (I stopped the bike before that happened). When I stopped the bike my front tire wasn’t straight and the bike started to lean… and then it just dropped so quickly. I’m just so thankful that the drop didn’t cause more damage. My right taillight cover popped off and the chrome around it got a little scratched. My left knee rubbed along the fuel switch as the bike was going down and I now have a bruise. Bryan had to pick the bike back up for me and the taillight cover was able to be popped back on. I’m so disappointed and mad at myself, but I got back on did a couple more circles.

A couple day’s ago I hated my new boots, now that I’ve gotten use to shifting and braking with them… I love them and I’m so glad I didn’t take them back like I was planning.

Toot Toot...

That’s me, just tootin my little horn. The Angel Company’s (TAC) new catalog is out and I was fortunate to be one of the catalog designers along side many other talented ladies. It was a really hard secret to keep from my stamping buddies. If you have a TAC catalog you can see my layouts on pages 13 & 126… and another little secret… these designs are my first scrapbook layouts ever. Sure I’ve made tag books and such but never nothing like this.

Here’s a card I want to share that I made using one of TAC newest floral sets, Rose Garden (T-2745). For this card I also used a new paper collections that is so rich and elegant, Amelia (V-838). The cardstock, hardware and ribbon are all from the Amelia Collection.

My Close to My Heart order came in yesterday and since I was hostess I was able to pick out $60 of free stuff… whoo hooo. This weekend I’m going to stamp and hopefully I’ll have more TAC & CTMH cards to share Monday!

New Gear

I didn’t make it out of the school parking lot this last weekend. Bryan suggested that I ride my bike there and he’ll follow… I didn’t feel comfortable driving outside the parking lot (my safety zone)!

I spent a couple hours Saturday morning working on turns and rolling stops… I’m not sure of the exact name for that. Basically you slow down to an almost stop, not putting your feet down and balancing, and then you go again by letting out the clutch easy and using the throttle. The first couple times I tired this I let my clutch out too fast and the bike jerked… then I caught on.

I’m doing so much better at turning, I’m not swing wide anymore and I’m making tighter turns. I also worked on weaving, which was fun… especially now that I’m feeling more comfortable with my bike and how it handles.

Now that I’m doing so great with turns, I worked on circles (Monday) and that was scary! I tried to keep my eyes’ off the curb, but my mind knew there was a curb near by. During one of my circles I had to put my foot down in one turn, the bike felt like it was going to drop. Bryan suggested that I push down on the handlebars instead of actually turning to turn them. That made it so much easier. I’m glad I have Bryan teaching me, he’s been really patience with me. One day we’ll be moving on to figure-eights!

My HD Havoc boots finally came in (Tuesday), don't they look tough? I went to the Harley Davidson store to pick them up, wore them around the house for a bit. I hate them! Don’t get me wrong, they’re really nice boots. I just think their a bit bulkier than what I’m use to. The sole sticks out a tiny bit and when I ride my foot kept getting caught under the shifter whenever I would shift. Bryan said since I’m not use to wearing riding boots and I should give it time…once I get them broken in and use to shifting with them I’d love them. I don’t see that! This lesson was just practice shifting and braking with my new boots.