Now that's some mirror!

I was thumbing though a magazine today and I came across this really awesome ad for Harley-Davidson. Hopefully it would be okay for me to post this… it may be some kind of copyright thingy, but hey it’s kind of like a free ad here for Harley-Davidson! Right?!

My sixth lesson: Bryan had me start off walking my bike into a right turn. Bryan thought I might have some difficulties stretching my arm while holding in the clutch. I found this much easier to do then walking in a left turn. By the end of the night I was turning left and right from a stop and going into a left and right turn without stopping. I was so proud of myself! We also started practicing weaving in and out and of course down shifting and stopping. Bryan mentioned that by this weekend I may be able to take a drive in the neighborhood… We’ll see about that, we have so much going on this weekend (softball and family coming to visit).

On to stamping ~ TAC Seminar started today and I hear the new catalog will be revealed tomorrow… can’t wait to read the reports from the ladies who attend Seminar.

I also completed and mailed Happy Hopper cards that I made for a SCS swap that was due 2 July… nothing like waiting until the last minute to get those done. I’ll try to get my Happy Hopper card posted tomorrow. I think they turned out adorable. Until then… thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


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