Happy Hoppers Swap

I usually don’t purchase baby stamps. I don’t know a lot of people with babies or who are having babies and I just figured those stamps will never get used. I had to have this one, because a bunny in a diaper is too cute. I used this image for the Happy Hoppers swap that I joined over at SCS. Hopefully the swap recipients will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making them.

Stamps: Yaaaawn (Happy Hoppers/Stampabilities) ~ Ink: Noir ~ Paper: White, Bashful Blue (SU), Casa (Bazzill), Sparkly Sweet patterned (K&Company) ~ Other: Round & Scalloped punches, Prismacolor Pencils & Gamsol, Flower Brads, Pop Dots, White & Stardust Gelly Pens (Sakura), Chalk

Now that's some mirror!

I was thumbing though a magazine today and I came across this really awesome ad for Harley-Davidson. Hopefully it would be okay for me to post this… it may be some kind of copyright thingy, but hey it’s kind of like a free ad here for Harley-Davidson! Right?!

My sixth lesson: Bryan had me start off walking my bike into a right turn. Bryan thought I might have some difficulties stretching my arm while holding in the clutch. I found this much easier to do then walking in a left turn. By the end of the night I was turning left and right from a stop and going into a left and right turn without stopping. I was so proud of myself! We also started practicing weaving in and out and of course down shifting and stopping. Bryan mentioned that by this weekend I may be able to take a drive in the neighborhood… We’ll see about that, we have so much going on this weekend (softball and family coming to visit).

On to stamping ~ TAC Seminar started today and I hear the new catalog will be revealed tomorrow… can’t wait to read the reports from the ladies who attend Seminar.

I also completed and mailed Happy Hopper cards that I made for a SCS swap that was due 2 July… nothing like waiting until the last minute to get those done. I’ll try to get my Happy Hopper card posted tomorrow. I think they turned out adorable. Until then… thanks for visiting ~ Jovi

Poppin Good Birthday

This is one of my favorite House Mouse birthday stamps, Poppin Good Birthday. I made this birthday card for a really amazing lady, Lori. Lori is the group moderator for The Best of House Mouse Yahoo Group, she’s our Mama Cheeze Mouse who keeps us on track.

I popped up the popcorn with white Liquid Appliqué and added some Glossy Accents to the kernel. For the next card I make with this image I’m going to add some yellow chalk to the popcorn to make it look buttery… yummy!

Stamps: Poppin Good Birthday (House Mouse/Stampabilities), Little Things (TAC) ~ Ink: Noir Palette ~ Paper: Petunia & White (Bazzill), Paper Salon Mosaic ~ Other: Prismacolor Pencils & Gamsol, White Grosgrain, White Photo Hanger, Chalk, White Liquid Appliqué, Glossy Accents, Stardust Gelly Pen (Sakura)

Thank you for encouraging comments, emails and private messages that some of you left about my new adventure of motorcycling… they were wonderful to read and I really appreciate it. Yes, I always wear a helmet!

On to motorcycling:
My fourth lesson (Tuesday evening) we went to the school again and this time used the bus parking lot, which I was uneasy about using. It has a slight downhill grade, which was really noticeable when I tried to walk the bike around by letting the clutch slightly out for power. I had to apply my front brake few times. Also I was to start in first, shift to second, down shift to first and then come to a controlled stop. This came so much easier for me when I realize that I didn’t have to find second, I just kicked up once… duh! For some reason I was thinking that I had to actually “find” my gears… I couldn’t believe what I dumbass I was in thinking that... Bryan just laughed about it! We also worked on picking up speed and then starting to brake at a certain point (Bry’s hat he laid on the pavement) then by time I reached where Bryan was standing I should be in first gear and stopped. It was a great night and I even got a compliment on how great I was doing from an older gentlemen and his son who were dropping off recyclables.

My fifth lesson (Wednesday evening): This evening I worked on stopping, shifting and turning… a reinforcement of what I worked in previous lessons. By the end of the night I was able to put my feet up on the pegs while turning left, instead of letting them dangle through the turn. Next week I’m going to work on right turns. And a huge no no… I forgot to tuck my shoe laces into my shoe, I’ve been so good about doing this… and tonight I just didn’t think about it. The loop got caught on the gear shift, thanks goodness I was already stopped. I was checking to make sure my bike was in Neutral before I got off and I went to put my foot down and that’s when I noticed my huge mistake. I have some boots on order, so hopefully those will arrive soon.

This was my last lesson of bike riding for this week and I boy do I miss it already. Thursday evening Riley had a softball game that lasted way past 8:00. By time we made it home it was already getting dark out (btw, they won). My instructor (Bryan) left camping with the boys and I promised him I wouldn’t take my bike out joyriding (lol)! Thanks for reading ~ Jovi

Keep the Shiny Side Up...

This is the reason why I haven’t been stamping much. I’m now a proud owner of my very own shiny, loud, Chopper Blue 2005 Harley-Davidson FXDL Dyna Low Rider custom motorcycle. The only thing I have to do is … LEARN HOW TO RIDE IT!

Ours friends, Patrick and Silvie will be moving back to Montreal (Canadian Military) within the year and they decided to sell both their Harleys before they left. When Bryan sent me the email about the bike… I had to have it, especially since the Harley has been customized to fit a shorter lady… I’m only 5’2, same as Sylvie! The stock seat and shocks have been changed out and new Vane and Hines exhaust pipes added (the pipes don’t change the height, they just give the bike a tougher sound… which I love)! I’ve been so envious of Bryan since he bought his Kawasaki Vulcan last year. I knew I wanted to ride my own, instead of riding on the back of his. I didn’t want to be 80 years old, telling my grandkids “I wish I learned how to ride that Harley” and regretting it.

I bought the bike last Wednesday. Patrick and Sylvie delivered it Thursday afternoon and I was so excited when it arrived. Sylive took excellent care of the bike and she was a bit sad to see it go, but she knew I would love it and take care of it like she did. I was so nervous I didn’t even want to sit on it!

Finally, later that evening Bryan moved it into the garage for me… my truck lost its parking space! He then suggested that I sit on it for awhile without the stand, so I could get the feel of the weight. Once I was okay with that, he talked me through how to start it up…turn on the fuel, pull out the choke, turn the Ignition to On, Switch to Run, pull in the clutch, shift to Neutral and then finally Start. WOW the sound of the pipes and feel of the bike idling was such a rush. That was my first lesson!

My second lesson (Saturday evening). Bryan drove the bike over to the elementary school, the kiddos and I followed along in the truck. I figured that would be a great place for me to practice since school is out (no large objects (cars) to run into) and then Riley and Austin could play at the playground. Once there Bryan had me put the bike in Neutral and roll it back and forth… that sucker is heavy. Next Bryan wanted me to get the feel of the clutch release, so with the bike in first gear, I slowly let out the clutch. If you let the clutch out to soon the bike will jerk and then engine will die. Once I did that for awhile it was time to actually give it a little gas and let the clutch out all the way and go! The bike felt much more stable after putting my feet on to the pegs. Whoo hoo I was actually riding (in first gear)! Then it was time to learn how to stop, and even better was to learn how to make a controlled stop, coming to a complete stop before taking my feet off the pegs. I got the feel for the hand brake and foot brake… the hand brake has massive stopping power! Time to go home, my hand was getting tired from all the clutching!

My third lesson (this evening): Again we went to the school… this time I didn’t start out so great, I popped the clutch and then I almost laid the bike down… when I went to grab the hand brake I rolled my palm while grabbing the brake, which gave the bike more gas… I came so close to running into the curb! I was a bit shaken up and nervous to start up again. Once I was relaxed I tried again. Tonight I practiced shifting into second and then down shifting when I was coming to a stop. I also made it around my first left turn… I was totally scared. I was to drive down the lot and turn the corner. Bry told me don’t look at the curbs, look at where you want go… and lean into the turn, DO NOT brake while in the turn. Twice I stopped before I came to corner. It was terrifying, I told him the turn was too tight, I didn’t have enough room and I would never make it… he got on the bike and reassured me that the turn wasn’t tight. I tried it and surprised myself on how well I took the curve.

I’m taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course next month, I need to have that endorsement in order for me to get a Colorado Motorcycle License. Since Bryan took the course last year, he’s been taking time getting me prepared and he’s a great instructor.

Sorry this post is so long, I’ve just been so excited about my new adventure I wanted to share. My plan is to keep sharing my learning experience and occasionally I’ll throw in a stamped card... lol.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

It's Friday...

It’s Friday, and every Friday I clean my house from top to bottom. Before I get started with cleaning I wanted to share birthday House Mouse card I made. Last week when my brother was visiting, he asked if I could make him a birthday card for his friend Brenda. I was so excited when he picked out this House Mouse stamp for me to use... as most of you know House Mouse cards are my favorite to make!

For this card, all the cardstock and patterned paper is from CTMH More to Adore pack…I just love how I can purchase a pack and have everything match up. The House Mouse stamp is Make a Wish 02, which can be purchased from HM Stamps.

Stamps: Make a Wish 02 (House Mouse) ~ Ink: Noir (TAC-Palette) ~ Paper: Hollyhock, White, Vanilla Cream, Chocolate, More to Adore Paper pack (all CTMH) ~ Other: Baby Pink Buttons, Waxy Flax, Rose Grosgrain Ribbon, Prismacolor Pencils & Gamsol

Ugh Hail...

We had a terrible thunderstorm Saturday evening that brought hail the size of a penny, maybe some larger. I haven’t seen this much hail this bad in a long time. These are a couple of pictures I took afterwards.

My Gerbera Daisies lost most of their petals and my two flower beds were hit so badly, they now look like weeds! Hopefully they’ll come back!

More Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m embarrassed to admit that I only had three blog entries for last month… May was a really busy month for me and I didn’t get as much stamping time in as I would have liked. Hopefully I’ll have more to share this month!

Last Friday was Riley & Austin’s last day of school. Their first week of summer break was off to a great start and we have lots of fun things planned to keep us busy. Bryan took Riley and Austin camping this weekend…so it’s just me and Jake!

Here is another Snoopy card I want to share. My House Mouse swapping friend Sue always makes such cute Snoopy & House Mouse cards. I thought I would surprise her with a Snoopy RAK instead a House Mouse card, this is the card I made for her. If you have a chance, take a peek at Sue’s Webshots Gallery or her SCS Gallery (Susiespotless).
Stamps: Snoopy Thinking of Cookies (Stampabilites) ~ Ink: Noir Palette ~ Paper: Pinecone (Bazzill), New England Ivy (CTMH), Robins Egg 2 (TAC), Cream, White, Retro Prints Stack (DCWV) ~ Other: Cuttlebug Folder D’Vine Swirl, Pop Dots, Prismacolor Pencils & Gamsol, White Grosgrain (SU), Sakura Gelly Pen.

I've been Tagged!

There is another game of Tag going around! I was tagged by Angie (Shuggy), a great moderator that I know from The Stamp Shack.

Yourself: Quite, Shy & Stubborn
Your Partner: Strong and Confident
Your Hair: Brown with one gray!
Your Mother: Easy Going
Your Father: Hard Working
Your Favorite Item: My Canon XTi
Your Dream Last Night: ip addresses (thanks Jenn & Jeanne)
Your Favorite Drink: Coffee
Your Dream Car: Red Corvette
Dream Home: Sprawling Ranch
The Room You Are In: Home Office
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Living!
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Bryan, Riley & Austin
You’re Not: Rude
One of Your Wish List Items: Hmmm
The Last Thing You Did: Watched a Movie
You Are Wearing: pj’s
Your Favorite Weather: 70’s with no humidity
Last Thing You Ate: Subway
Your Life: Happy
Your Mood: Content
Your Best Friend: Bryan
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Getting Some Sleep
Your Car: Ford F150 Super Crew
What Are You Doing At The Moment: Answering This
Relationship Status: Married
What Is On Your TV: Nothing
What Is The Weather Like: Clear and 50 (at 2:30 am)
When Is The Last Time You Laughed: Tonight

Okay… now I get to tag 3 bloggers and I tag
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Trudy ~ Trudy Treasures
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