Eggs here and there and everywhere!

Every morning and evening we take Jake for a walk on this trail near our house. For the past week there has been a little bird sitting on the side of this trail, and every time we walk past this bird it squawks at us and opens its wings, but never flies away.

Last night I decided to take my camera along with me on our walk and we came upon this little bird again. When I zoomed in on her to take her photo I noticed that she had three eggs with her! We were so surprised. We had no idea she had eggs, her eggs blended in with the surrounding rocks. Riley and Austin thought it was so strange that she didn’t have nest for her eggs! I’m totally clueless about birds and have no idea what kind of bird she is, do any of you know what kind or why she doesn’t have a nest?

Then a little later on our trail we came across this nest with a beautiful egg inside. The momma bird was no where to be seen, but, I’m sure she was watching us. I’m assuming it’s a Robins Egg, because of the color!?

I couldn’t believe all the great things we found to take pictures of! I need to start taking my camera with me more often. Maybe this evening on our walk I’ll get a picture of the ducks and ten little ducklings.


  1. Very beautiful. Nature is so amazing. You are so right about the eggs blending in..I did not see them at first. I would have never thought there would NOT be a nest..Chris

  2. The bird with the white rings around her neck is a Killdeer. They make their nests on the ground. When I was growing up we'd find them in the field and even in the middle of our gravel driveway. My father just loved watching this bird put on her show to get you away from her nest. She would run around flapping her wing pretending it was broken to lure you away. I can still hear that bird chirpping.
    Cathy Andersen,
    Racine, WI

  3. I have no idea what kind of bird it is-but your shots are awesome!!

  4. The bird is a Killdeer. It is amazing to me this bred survives w/their eggs on the ground in rocks. Mom hopes to get you away from the eggs by running and acting injured. She has a high pitched yell while running crazy. Great picture.

  5. I have no clue about birds either - other than they are pretty to look at! Beautiful pictures.


  6. Wait until the eggs hatch! The babies are adorable. They look like marbles with legs.

  7. Lucky girl!! I love birds too,even if I don't know much about them.
    Your pics are beautiful...nature is awesome isn't it!!

  8. Shelley ~ photocropperMay 11, 2007 at 9:00 AM

    Jovi! Great pictures! You have me interested in finding out what kind of bird this was...of course I could have just read the comments to figure it out! Your picture is better than any that I have found online! Can't wait to see the babies ;) The blue egg might be a unfertilized egg or just the first one that was laid cuz they usually lay more than one! Keep checking and see if there are more later!!

  9. I think that is so cool! You're the third person I know that has come across bird eggs/baby birds this week! I have some pics on my regular blog. and Sherri has some on her blog too. Great photos!


  10. As a few people have already said, that bird is a Killdeer, I just took a fews pics of one the other day. I haven't ever seen their eggs though. Very neat pics!

  11. Totally adorable photos, Jovi!
    I love nature shots!


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