Play Ball

Usually I don’t post pictures of my kiddos, but I just had to share a couple I took of Austin from his baseball game Saturday. It was a bit cloudy out, so the pictures don’t look as vibrant as I would have liked... I like to blame it on the lighting and not the photographer! LOL

The first picture is AJ batting… next time I’ll try not to cut off his feet! The second picture is AJ on 2nd getting ready to make his move to 3rd. He should’ve been watching the pitcher instead of mommy with the big lens! Austin was so excited when he saw that his uniform shirts were red, since red is his favorite color and it also matches his sport glasses.

Riley’s first softball game of the season is this coming Saturday. So hopefully I can get some good shots of her playing. I really need to start scrapbooking!

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  1. These pics are so cute! And just for the record, I hadn't even noticed that his feet were cut off!