Play Ball... part 2

These are pictures from Riley’s softball game Saturday. She played in Monument which is about 10-15 minutes north of Colorado Springs and it was such a beautiful day. Good thing we wore our sunscreen.

The first picture is Riley playing 2nd base. Then she’s up to bat, which she hit past 2nd base and brought two runners into home… whoo hoo Riley. The next picture is Riley waiting for the team to take the field for the last inning. She’s getting a little tired by now… wait till Saturday when she has a double header! The last picture is the view from the ball field, you can see Pikes Peak in the distance. Isn’t Colorado beautiful?

For this game they had to reschedule at the last minute to play at the practice field, the main field was still pretty muddy from the spring snow storm we had last Monday. In one of the pictures you can still see snow behind Riley. Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Love the photos and it makes me miss the mountains. I didn't realize you're in the Springs. My husband and I are grads of CSU as are both of our children. Daughter just graduated in December and now lives in the Springs. Small world! Love your blog and all your beautiful creations!


  2. What a GORGEOUS view of the mountains from the ball park! WOW! Isn't it so much fun going to our kiddie's games! I love it!