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01 April 2007

Back home...

We made it home this evening from Illinois. We had a wonderful time, but it’s great to be home again. I’ll only be here for a couple of days before I leave again. Riley and Austin still have another week off for Spring Break.

I couldn’t believe how hot it was in Belleville this time of year, apparently it was the hottest March on record… and I about died with the humidity. Austin and Riley couldn’t believe how green the grass was. The trees and flowers were in bloom and everything looked so beautiful.

I wanted to share a few pictures I took when we took Riley and Austin to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. They visited the Arch before, but this is the first time they rode the tram to the top… it was exciting for them.

The first three pictures are of the Gateway Arch. The picture of the Arch with the blossoming trees is one of my favorites. The other picture was taken from Eads Bridge, while we were on the platform waiting for the MetroLink, it’s a bit dark and you can’t see the old bricks that great… but I like it.

The last picture is of Eads Bridge, which was built in 1867-74. It spans the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO to East St. Louis, IL.


  1. I left a long comment & it disappeared. It'll probably show up after I post this & I'll look like dolt!

    I live just across from StL, in Godfrey. If I'd known you were here, I'd have said "hey"! Did you get to do any shopping while here?? There a lots of cool shopping places in Fairview Heights, I hope you were able to hit some of them!

    This has been a WARM March!!! I don't ever rememember it being this warm this early. Of course, if you really want to experience hot & humid, come back in August!!

  2. I LOVED going up in the arch! So did my kids. I have a few friends who are afraid of it - either the height aspect, or the tiny pods that you ride in to get up there. I thought it was super cool - especially seeing the tall building with a swimming pool on top of it. There are NO skyscrapers where I live, let alone with pools on top! LOL Glad you had a good trip Jovi!
    Vicki Hook

  3. I just stopped by your blog from Dawn's and I was surprised to see the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. That Arch is an awesome sight, but it has a special tie to my heart.

    My father welded on that beautiful piece of history, and he was one of the men who put the last weld in place - did you know they built it from both sides and connected it in the middle? I feel a little bit of ownership in it!

    We live about 2 ish hours from St. Louis, but visit often.

    BTW - it has been a weird March. BUT it was too good to be true. Tomorrow it is supposed to start storming and then the temps are going to go down, down, down. The high for Wed will be 50. We have tickets to the Cardinals baseball game for Wed. night and I am dreading it already. A night game with weather like that is not something I enjoy!!!

    I am glad you went up in the arch - every one should do it once!
    Nancy Clark

  4. YOUR PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS!! Love it! Glad y'all had fun!

  5. Your picture of the Eads Bridge looks like a post card; just gorgeous! I love visiting the arch. I'm most impressed with it when I'm standing at the bottom looking up. I hope you enjoyed your visit to our area.

  6. Wow, what fabulous pictures you took! Very nice.

    mary (toao)


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