Need a Watermark?

There’s been lots of talk recently over at SCS about protecting your images by using watermarks. Many ladies had some of their images taken and posted elsewhere without their consent and some didn’t receive credit for their original artwork.

Last month I spent a few hours learning how to create a transparency watermark using Paint Shop Pro X…(thank you Joann). I was able to make a one layer watermark, after that I didn’t want to venture into two layers! That’s when I found Dina Kowal. Dina had a post on her blog, Mama Dini’s Stamperia, that she sells watermarks.

If you’re interested in getting a watermark to protect your images, I highly recommend Dina. She had my watermarks ready to view by the next day, and her prices can’t be beat (only $.75 per element). You can check out some of her designs & prices here: Need a Watermark? These are some of the watermarks that Dina made for me… thank you Dina.


  1. Hey, thanks for the plug! :) Glad you're enjoying your watermarks.

  2. Those are just gorgeous, Jovi! Dini does beautiful work. . . pefect for YOURS! hugs - jenn

  3. I agree, Dina does great work, she is who I had my watermarks done through, well worth the few dollars I spent to get such high quality watermarks.