Not Cutesy or Whimsical...

I haven’t felt very creative lately, all my cards seem so mundane to me. I thought I would try to make one card that wasn’t the usual cutesy or whimsical… I’m happy with the end results… its decent!

Anyway... I decide to try some of the weekly Sketch Challenges posted at Splitcoast, The Stamp Shack and A Shade of Blue.

The card that I’m sharing today is from The Stamp Shack, Sketch #12 (it’s the only one I have done and here it is Thursday… lol).

These are the instructions that Kerry provided:
- Cut four different colored squares
- Cut the squares in half to make rectangles. This will make 8 rectangles.
- Cut the rectangles in half from top corner to bottom corner to make triangles. This will make a total of 16 triangles.
-Make a square cardstock frame to arrange your triangles on.
-Make sure to lay the triangles and arrange them before they are permanently glued, work your way around covering your card base with triangles.
-Make sure to have each tip of your triangle touch.

The lady stamp is from TAC, Eloise Collage. I usually stay far away from any kind of collage stamps… I’m really bad at making anything collage-y, but I have a thing for Victorian era, it was a must have! The patterned paper is Catelynne, from TAC’s Fly with it Collection.


  1. WOW Jovi! This card is BEEEEE-UUUU-TIFUL! Love it!

    Vicki H

  2. Wow Jovi this is amazing! You need to do stuff like this more often! Thanks for the tips on how to! :) And sorry for not calling was a wacko day yesterday...I will try you today!

  3. I love your color choices for this card!

  4. Yep, thanks for the instructions - I'm gonna have to try this too!

  5. Jovi, This is Awesome!!!!

    Love it totally..