Happy Hoppers are in the house...

My newest obsession, addiction, passion, arrived today in the mail… aren’t they cute? I’m so tickled and thrilled! Happy Hoppers are the newest stamps just released from Stampabilties. They are from the same artist who designs the House Mouse stamps, Ellen Jareckie. Most of you know I’m a huge, huge fan of House Mouse stamps, so Happy Hoppers were a must have. You can order your Happy Hoppers at HM Stamps… the owner Dick Robinson is a truly wonderful man. He understands Stampers addictions, that’s why every item on his site is discounted 20% off. I’m putting in another order tomorrow… can’t you tell I’m just a happy customer?

I had a really busy day today hanging out with my sister, its great having her live so close by. We went to the movies to see Music & Lyrics, with Drew Barrymore and Huge Grant, they were terrific together. M&L was really a lighthearted fun movie. We also hit, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Starbucks & Seattle's Best... (I can’t get enough Vanilla Latte’s) LOL. I’m exhausted, but we had a great day together!

With any luck, tomorrow I’ll have a Happy Hoppers card to post!


  1. lvOK, I'm jealous now...wanna stamp me some images while you're creating your first HH masterpieces? I had my eye on a lot on ebay, but it just went too high for me. Guess I'm gonna have to make a whooooooooole lot more watermarks....

    Happy Happy Hopper Stamping!!!!


  2. Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)February 27, 2007 at 7:50 PM

    Oh, these are wayyyy too cute. I've checked out that web site before, I've heard only fantastic things about him. Unfortunately, my checkbook is usually empty as I'm filling my cart, lol. Then I delete everything & think "maybe next time". Can't wait to see what you make with this cuties!!