I had a terrible fall Friday night at JoAnn’s, I was getting out of the truck and step down and slipped on some black ice. My back (under my shoulder blade) hit the running board… ouch! It hurts like heck, I’m a bit bruised are really sore. I didn’t get any stamping accomplished this weekend. When I tried to use the paper cutter, that just made my back hurt more!

Even though I didn't get any stamping in, I did get a chance to go through the TAC catty to pick out free stamps that I’ll receive for my contest winning... yippee I can't wait. I’m sure I’ll be okay in a couple of days and by then I should have some more cards to show.


  1. So sorry to hear that you fell. Take your time and get better. Congrats on winning the contest. Great cards.


  2. Ouch! I can sympathise! Hope those bruises disappear soon. Be careful!

  3. Hope you get all the soreness worked out. That's bad when you can't even use a paper cutter!

  4. That sounds so painful Jovi! Hope you're ok! I'm so glad you've been winning TAC contests!!! :D

  5. Jovi,
    Glad you didn't break anything. That Black ice will get you every time.

    It got me two years ago and I break something. My right arm. Ouch!! totally OUCH!!

    Take it easy. Let your family wait on ya.