09 September 2017

National Mill Dog Rescue

Today after our Mountain Shadow Riders (MSR) chapter meeting a group of us toured the National Mill Dog Rescue facility. We also brought along a small donation of $500 that our members generously donated at each chapter meeting for the past months. National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) saves commercial breeding dogs from puppy mills, giving them a final chance to find happiness and comfort in a loving home. More than 11,800 dogs have been rescued (and counting...) We met some of the dogs that are available for adoption and countless volunteers.

My heart broke for all the doggies… I just wanted to bring them all home, maybe I can convince my husband to let you adopt at least one. So many dogs are being helped by this amazing organization. If you have chance please visit NMDR to see the dogs available for adoption, donate or perhaps if your local to Colorado Springs they are always in need of volunteers. You can also follow NMDR on Facebook.

Thank you for visiting -J  


  1. This sounds like such a great cause! I would have wanted to adopt them all if I visited. Thanks for sharing!


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