11 October 2009

9th annual Breast Cancer Awareness Ride 09

Recently, Mountain Shadow Riders held our 9th annual Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Ride and once again it was a huge success with a great turnout, over 300 participants. We raised a total of $12,000… Colorado bikers are the best! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Colorado Springs Affiliate of the Susan G. Koman Foundation and The Breast Cancer Network of Strength Rocky Mountain Region.

It was a fantastic day filled with a lot of laughs and smiles. Thanks to the MSR gals and guys for working to make this year’s ride a huge success and a huge thank you to all our sponsors. If you would like to see more pictures from the ride, you can find them HERE at my Flickr album.

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi

MSR Group BCA Ride 09


  1. This is GREAT! Love the "save the twins" logo. Perfect!


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